Unlimted Hosting

Unlimited web hosting seems to be a growing trend in web hosting, but what does it mean? 

What is unlimited web hosting? 

Typically, unlimited web hosting refers to the main features included in a shared web hosting plan, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. What you will find if you read the “fine print” of their terms and conditions is that web hosting is never truly unlimited. There will always be limits on the amount of disk space, and bandwidth you can use because each server has limits. When looking at a web hosting plans are advertised as unlimited because they don’t have a set amount of disk space for each web hosting account. As long as your account is using a reasonable amount of disk space and bandwidth, you will be fine.

When does ‘Unlimited’ Become an issue?

Unlimited web hosting generally only becomes a problem if the site owner is taking advantage of the offer and trying to use an unlimited web hosting account as a dedicated server or to store tons of data and files. If the website has too much traffic and is using too much bandwidth or other resources, the company will let you know. Some web hosts will allow you to buy extra bandwidth or disk space to cover the shortage and others will try to help you find an alternate plan that will better meet the needs of your website or web hosting account. 

What to do if I Outgrow my Unlimited Plan?

The better unlimited host will offer several options to help webmasters find the right solution for his/her needs. Sometimes it may be better to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan that will allow you more control over your web hosting account. What the web hosting provider will offer will depend on your individual needs, the type of website(s) on the account and the amount of traffic to the site.

A website that is mainly text will not use a lot of disk space or bandwidth, even if it has a lot of pages and a lot of traffic. If the content of the site contains a lot of videos, music, or other feature-rich files that need to be downloaded, will require a lot more disk space and bandwidth.

Who are the best Unlimted Hosting Providers?

Most of the big-name web hosts such as, BlueHost, FatCow, HostMonster & iPage offer unlimited web hosting for a low cost. 

For those looking for their first web hosting account, a BlueHost offer a promotional rate allowing you to get you an unlimited shared web hosting plan for as little as $3.95 per month. This type of unlimited web hosting account is designed to fit the needs of a variety of web hosting clients. 

Whether you are looking to create a small business site, a personal website or blog, BlueHost offers all the features and tools one will need to be successful.

There are many options when it comes to web hosting. Doing a little research before you start out can prevent a lot of problems down the line. 

If you are completely clueless and need a better idea of the amount of resource you need, talk to a few webmasters that have websites similar to the one you have in mind. Then speak to a service representative from a few of your top choices in web hosting providers to see which seems like the best fit for your needs. Too many people sign up thinking they will figure it all out as they go along, this often leads to a number of problems that likely could have been avoided by just doing a little research, to begin with. 

Whomever you choose to use as your hosting provider, be sure to find out beforehand what the exact limits are on the unlimited web hosting account and find out what your options are for additional features if they are needed later down the road. 

You never know if your website is going to hit the headlines someday and make it big, but you will want to know your options well ahead of time.