Website Builders

When deciding on the best website builder to create your new website is no easy task, which is why we have compiled a list to supply you with everything you’ll need when picking a site builder that’s right for you.

Along with tips, tricks and techniques to help you truly make the most out of leading online website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and more. You’ll find a comprehensive comparison of the leading brands, plus independent reviews to help you make a fully informed choice about where to build your website.

What are website builders?

Website builders are robust, flexible tools that make creating a whole new website quick and easy, even for those with no prior experience or training in web design.

Using highly customisable, pre-designed templates, along with drag-and-drop functions. Along with a plethora of additional features to help you offer your visitors higher levels of interaction, they can be used to create everything from personal blogs, portfolio sites and even online stores.

Though some do come in the form of downloadable software which you have to install and run on your computer, in our experience, the best website builders out there are the ones that run entirely online. Enabling you can access them anywhere, at any time, on just about any Internet-enabled device you happen to be using.

With that in mind, the information you’ll find on this website will deal predominantly with web-based site creation tools.

Why use an online site builder?

There are perhaps as many good reasons for using online tools to create your website as there are existing websites already making good use of the tools available to them. However, when it comes down to it, most of those benefits can be summed up as follows:

No technical know-how needed

If you can format a Word document, you’ve already got most of the skills you’ll need to be able to use an online site builder. If you can put together a simple PowerPoint presentation, you should have absolutely no trouble.

These platforms are designed specifically with new web designers in mind, eliminating the need to learn any complex HTML other code and making the whole process of creating a great looking website simple, fast and fun.

You’ll be doing the majority of the work with your mouse, selecting things such as text boxes, video or image placeholders and contact forms, dropping them into place on your site and then customising until they look just the way you want. From there, you can swap colours, fonts and other design features, all within a few quick clicks.

Get stuck along the way? Many of the top website builders come packed with plenty of tutorials and support to help you get back on track.

The most cost-effective way to launch a new website

Faced with creating a new website to sell a new product or service, showcase your work or share your thoughts with the world, you’ll often find two main options keep coming to the fore.

You either splash out the cash, paying an expensive web designer to create something that you may not be entirely happy with. Else you invest long hours at the computer learning all the technical stuff you need to know to be able to do it yourself.

Online website builders create a pleasant, affordable medium between the two. Many offer free services, and even the paid upgrades come in at around just a few US dollars per month. The result? You get to take the DIY approach and still create a professional-looking website with none of the expense or time spent buried in complex code.

Build and update anywhere

As we’ve already discussed briefly, when you create your website online, you can do it from pretty much anywhere with a web connection. There’s no need to waste valuable time downloading software, installing it, and then getting used to all its functions before you start putting your new website together.

Simply log on to your platform of choice and start creating, maintaining or updating your site.

Your hosting and domain name are taken care of in one complete package

Create a website offline, and you’ll still have to log on to purchase a hosting server to house your website and a domain name to direct people to it.

Many of the top website builders offer all of this as standard with some of their packages. Since you’re creating your site on their servers anyway, there’s no need to even think about hosting, whilst at one year’s free domain registration comes with with the majority of the paid premium solutions available. Once again, this goes a long way to getting your new website up and running quickly, easily and affordably.