VPS.Net Hosting Reviews

VPS.Net Hosting Reviews

VPS.Net WebsiteVPS.Net is a leading web hosting company that specializes in offering bare-metal SSD and cloud VPS hosting plans. Offering a range unmanaged VPS services which mean that you need to take care of the maintenance and updates. However they do offer setup and monitoring options too.

VPS.Net was founded in 2009. To-date, they have provide VPS hosting to more than 10,000 clients from around the world. VPS.Net are one of THG’s group of companies. The THG is a web hosting company with more than 1 million customers worldwide and own operators such as UK2.net, Midphase and 10TB.com. VPS.net offers both Windows and and a wide range of Linux distros too.

Types of VPS Plans

VPS.Net offer either SSD (bare-metal server) or cloud VPS hosting plans. Their SSD VPS plans start at just $5.00 for 512mb, 20GB space and 1TB bandwidth. You can select the amount of resources you require, with a choice of Linux or Windows operating systems. As with all of VPS.net’s services their services are unmanaged meaning that setup and updates to the service will need to be carried out by you. VPS.net do hover offer a range of server setup and monitoring services as well. You can choose from 18 of their 24 data centers, located across 5 continents around the globe.

VPS.Net offer one free dedicated IP address for all the VPS plans.

Cloud VPS Hosting

You can host your VPS on VPS.net’s cloud infrastructure. Their cloud VPS hosting promises 100% uptime which is backed up by their 1000% SLA. This means that if you experience any downtime due to their service will refund you 10x what you paid for the period of downtime. Their Cloud VPS services are also auto-scalebale, meaning that if your site receives a sudden increase in traffic the your server can call on resources within the cloud to allow it cope. You can set limits on the amount of resources that you allow it to draw upon.

How reliable is VPS.net’s Cloud VPS hosting?

Owing to the nature of cloud services means that they are designed to be reliable. This is due to the way cloud services are set-up meaning that they eliminate



The majority of their features are paid. You can get more IP addresses at an additional fee. VSP.Net offers three types of control panels including cPanel, ISPManager and Plesk. They offer the ISPManager Pro control panel for free. The ISPManagerPro control panel features a user friendly interface. You don’t have to perform any configuration on the control panel in order to use it. There are over 100 applications you can install for freesuch as Asterisk, Open VPN, WordPress, and Ruby on Rails. It lets you install the free apps with just a few clicks.

The semi managed plans at VPS.Net features powerful API. The API lets you conveniently create and resell the resources in the loud server. You are free to change the OS on your server. There are more than 100 operating system templates to choose from including CentOS, Ubuntu LTS and Windows. It supports 3 version of the Windows operating systems including 2003, 2008 and 2012. The auto scaling technology lets you conveniently upgrade the resources.

You can enable daily/weekly/monthly backup on the hosting. They charge $5 per month for the automated backup. If you use the automated backup service, you can easily restore your data with just one click. The automated backup feature is useful in the event that you accidentally lose the files on the server. They offer free SSL certificates for people who want to launch an online store. They also offer HostBill client management software for free.

VPS.Net does not put a limit on the number of domains and applications you can install on the VPS. You are responsible in allocating an adequate amount of resources for the services you run on the VPS. You can make your server more secure by configuring IP Tables. Besides, VPS.Net also offer outbound traffic for customers for free of charge. The free outbound traffic can help you to save money on the web hosting resources.

Advantages of VPS.Net VPS Plans

State of the Art Data Center

VPS.Net gurantees a 100% uptime. It has 20 data centers around the world. You have the option of choosing the data center. Choosing a data center that is located near to where you live can help to speed up the server performance. The VPS cloud hosting is hosted on powerful servers equipped with RAID10 hard disk storage.

The data center is equipped with a comprehensive range of redundant power supplies. There are 96 drives that use full redundancy. The entire facility is protected with VESDA smoke detectiion system. The data center features 24/7 security, and video surveillance. VPS.Net is equipped with a tier 3 classification data center that features multiple network carriers. The multiple uplinks guarantee the server always have good uptime.

Ability to Customize Your Server with VPS Nodes

At VPS.Net, the performance of your server depends on the number of nodes yo purchase. The cost of the first node is $20. The cost of the additional node you purchase will be cheaper. The more nodes you purchase, the more you will save. Your server will be faster when you add more nodes.

There are several types of nodes including monthly nodes, daily nodes, RAM nodes, and storage nodes. Each type of node is represented with a different color. The monthly node is a yellow color node. The daily node is in green color. The RAM node is a yellow color node with grey lines. The storage node is shown in orange color.

Every monthly node features 512 MB RAM, 10 GB SAN storage, 2.4 GHz CPU and 3 TB bandwidth.

The daily node can be purchased daily as you need it. The cost for the daily node is $1 daily. The daily node features 376 MB RAM, 10 GB SAN storage, 2.4 GHz CPU and 10 GB bandwidth.

You can add RAM to your hosting by purchasing the RAM nodes. Every RAM nodes will add an additional 512 MB RAM to your hosting. The cost of the RAM node is $7.50 per month. The storage nodes will ad 25 GB of SAN storage to your hosting. The cost of the storage node is $10 per month.


Responsive Customer Support

VPS.Net offers 24/7 customer support through email, live chat and toll free telephone. The toll free telephone support is for US based customers. They provide telephone support for UK customers. They also have an internetional telephone number. Their technical enginners are well trained and have good knowledge in all areas of VPS hosting. Their customer support is very responsive. You can get an immediate response whenever you contact them with your problems.

They offer two levels of customer support including assisted start up and enhanced support. They can help you with setting up the server. The assisted start up support is a customer support service that help webmasters to transfer their sites from another hosting. The customer support team will ask you a few questiosns before setting up the server.

They offer Proactive managed support for clients of the VPS cloud hosting. With the Proactive Managed Support, the technical team will help you to monitor your server and upgrade it with the latest software updates. Cloud VPS clients will get priority response from the customer support. The enhanced support is optional for clients that use SSD-VPS.

Their staff are outsourced from many different countries around the world. They operate branches in several parts of the world including USA, England, India, and Ukraine. Their branch in USA is located at Logan, Utah. The majority of the staff has a degree in Computer Science and Information System. There is a FAQ section where you can find answer to various types of technical problems. They accept various types of payment methods for the VPS services including Paypal, and credit card.


Drawbacks of VPS.Net


Expensive VPS plans

The price for the VPS plans are quite expensive. Although it is expensive, you don’t get much features. Their VPS plans offer limited featues. Their cloud hosting is not completely smooth and free from problems. Some customers reported getting DDOS attacks with their hosting. However, their technical support team is quick to tackle with the issue. They would also compensate you for the downtime you experience.

Not User Friendly for Beginners

Most of their VPS plans are unmanaged plans. Their best plan is a semi managed plans. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to use their VPS plan for newbies.

Customer Support is Not Free

Besides, you also don’t get free technical support unless you sign up for the Ultimate plan. You have to pay a fee in order to get access to their technical support.


In conclusion, VPS.Net is a reputable hosting provider that offers fast and reliable cloud VPS hosting. The cloud hosting is faster than traditional VPS hosting. The advantage of the cloud hosting is that your website won’t get affected if one of their servers experience a problem. The performance of the cloud hosting on VSP.Net is good overall. In addition, webmasters have the ability to build a custom server with the specs they need. You can add or remove a node on anytime to build a new server that meets your needs.

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