Free Online Tools For PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion

Creating that pixel perfect website from your design idea is not always easy. Even if you don’t have the skills to make your vision a reality, there are plenty of tools and services out there that help you along the way.

What is PSD to HTML Conversion?

PSD to HTML conversion was often by website developers as part of the website design and building process. This before the broader use of website builders, page builder plugins for WordPress and frameworks.

The process works by where a designer creates the website design in Photoshop, GIMP or other design software. Then the coder converts the design into a near pixel-perfect web page.

Why do you still need to convert PSD to HTML?

We briefly discussed the rise of frameworks such as Bootstrap and site builder services such as Squarespace or more commonplace than they ever used to. So why would you sill need to convert a PSD to HTML?

While these tools have become increasingly popular, for many designers, they are still beneficial for the following reasons. 

  • Photoshop is an excellent design tool that allows you to come up with your concept without writing long lines of code. Only to decide you’re not happy with your result
  • Sitebuilders may be easy. However, they use templates, so your site is not unique to you or your business.

I’ve used Photoshop for over 20 years, and it is still my go-to tool for designing website concepts.

Convert PSD to HTML Online

Online conversion tools allow you to convert your PSD files to HTML/CSS. While they can convert basic designs if you require more complex conversion or responsive design, you will probably find yourself left feeling disappointed with the results. 

Some tools that can help you with converting your files are:

PSD 2 HTML Converter

PSD 2 HTML converter works on a low cost paid subscription model. You buy credits for either one day ($7.00), one month ($12.00) or one year ($69.00).

You create your PSD file in photoshop or GIMP and upload it to the site. The service converts the file into HTML5/CSS3.

What we liked about the service is that you get a preview screenshot of the converted file before you pay for the service.

The service works the best when you create the PSD file according to the requirement s of the service so when creating the PSD file using ‘Shapes’, ‘Layer masks’ and ‘Clipping masks” and ‘Blending options’. You’ll also need to ‘Tag’ your layers according to the documentation.

If you are looking for a low-cost way to convert your simple PSD files, then PSD 2 HTML is worth considering.

PSD To Web

PSDTOWeb is a free solution if you are looking to convert your PSD file to HTML. Intended for those looking to a quick and easy solution to convert simple page designs or elements. As with all online conversion services, it isn’t perfect. But does an excellent job converting basic designs.


At its core Jadii converts all of your PSD layers directly to HTML layers, Text layers are converted to web-safe fonts, and images and optimized and positioned in the correct location. All you need to do is upload the website design created in Adobe Photoshop or Gimp as a PSD file on the main page, and within minutes, you will have a site generated in strict XHTML/CSS.

Converting the files yourself

If you have no CSS or HTML experience, then this can be quite a steep learning curve. However, once mastered its something that will provide you with a valuable skill.

Luckily there are hundreds of tutorials available online. 

The Site Slinger

The Site Slinger offers an in-depth tutorial on how to convert a simple web 2.0 PSD file to CSS/HTML. The tutorial is simple to follow and provides some excellent tips along the way.

1stWebDesigner – Video Tutorials

If you prefer to watch a video 1stWebdesigner provides a range of video tutorials that take you through producing your PSD file to the coding of the file for your site. The tutorials are broken into around 10-minute chunks are clear and easy to follow.


I hope this gives you a better understanding on how you can convert you PSD files to HTML. Online PSD to HTML conversion tools work, but they can only take you so far.

If you do know how to write code, then your time and resources would probably be best spent writing the code from scratch or using one one the many frameworks out there such as Bootstrap, rather than tweeking code produced from the online conversion tools. 

If you don’t understand HTML and CSS then learning how to at least understand the basics will take you futher. Even the online PSD to HTML converters will only take you so far. Alternatively, design your website using one of the online site designers or WordPress site designer plugins if you are plannng on building your website with WordPress later on.

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